Retail Leasing

Lease1 is the leader in its specialist field and is committed to providing personal, timely and cost-effective services to save tenants time, money and stress in their lease negotiations. Securing and protecting the commercial terms of our clients’ leases is our core business, supported by wide-ranging tenant consultancy services, encompassing lease information and research, site sourcing and selection, dispute resolution, retail franchising and portfolio administration.

Lease1's Advice And Support Adds Security And Value

Our industry-leading Lease1 advice and support adds security and value to a Retailer’s business through professional lease negotiation and tenant representation on new leases, lease renewals, lease options, rental research, site selection, dispute resolution, and crisis management.

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Retailer Support Services We Provide

Retail leases are complex and there are many and varied events that you need to be in front of, and Lease1 can advise and support you on any matter related to your retail shop lease.

Lease Expiry / Renewals

Your lease expiry and the negotiations to renew are possibly the most stressful as well as the most vital to your success. We take the stress out of these major lease events and position you to leverage the best outcomes leaving you free to do what you do best – retailing.

Lease Options (Market Rent)

Time can be your friend or your enemy when it comes to lease options. Miss a deadline and you could be paying too much rent or worse lose your business outright. We will leverage the timelines to get the best possible result whilst securing your business’ future.

Lease Assignments (Selling / Buying)

When selling your business, the last to know should be the Landlord. Setting up your lease [your most valuable asset] ready to sell before listing will deliver not only a better sale price but a smooth assignment. We will work with you to value add your business before the sale and facilitate the lease assignment and a smooth settlement.

Leasing For Asset Value

Knowing how the real estate you’re leasing performs for your business rather than you “working for the Landlord” will create opportunities to add value to your business. It is time for new thinking about your lease as it should be treated like any other asset. You will be surprised by the outcomes!

Managing Critical Path

Your lease is like a marriage except it already has the divorce packaged in. By leveraging the timeline and inbuild events throughout the lease [critical path], we can support your business through these events and maximise your outcomes. If not, these lease events have the potential to erode value and profits.


Whether you are outgrowing your current shop or seeking to open more outlets, we can take the pain out of the research, site sourcing and the negotiations. We will work with you to establish a plan for your next move, expanding to your next shop or through to a national roll out program for your brand/franchise as well as handle all the negotiations. All dovetailed to solve your needs.

Strategic Lease Management

Applying our decades of specific retail property knowledge and establishing KPIs and critical path management, we can provide you with the planning and insight to value add your lease portfolio. Majority get it wrong and start at the opposite end when managing a lease portfolio. Whether you have one site or a hundred sites, we can deliver results leaving you free to run you business.


Like every marriage, there will be ups and downs. The same with relationships between Retailers and Landlords, we have a reputation of taking the emotion out of these issues and getting resolutions while not trashing the future relationships of the parties. After all, you do need each other – but if the “Big Stick” is needed call us!

Workshops & Seminars

For decades we have supported Retailers in all facets of retail shop leases including education through webinars, workshops, training sessions and conference key notes, and can tailor these resources specifically for your association, brand or franchise.

Save Money, Save Time. Save Your Business!

We understand what it takes to run a successful Retail business. Lease1 will work with you to keep you focused.

Reduce Occupancy Costs – Rent Too High

Free Up Time – Keep Focused On Retailing

Improve Cashflow + Profitability

Leverage Time – Put Time On Your Side

Protect Your Asset ( Business Value )

Stay Up To Date – Leasing Is Evolving

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