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Landlords Invest Enormous Resources Into Retail Leasing – What About You?

Retail leases are complex and the outcomes you achieve will have a direct effect on the profitability, security and value of your retail business.

Do You Want A Better Deal On Your Lease?

The importance of leveraging time, understanding the lease contract, the legislation and regulations, and not to mention the research and knowledge of your industry is critical to a better lease deal. Your lease needs to be an asset and not an anchor!

A Better Deal For Retailers

Making A Difference In The Lives Of Our Clients

Lease Expiry / Renewals

Lease expiry and renewal negotiations can be stressful and crucial to your success. removes the stress, positioning you to achieve the best outcomes, allowing you to focus on retailing.

Lease Options (Market Rent)

Timing is critical for lease options. Missing a deadline can lead to excessive rent or business loss. leverages timelines to secure the best results, ensuring your business’s future.

Lease Assignments (Selling / Buying)

Selling your business requires discretion. Preparing your lease before listing enhances sale price and ensures smooth assignment. adds value to your business and facilitates a seamless settlement.

Leasing For Asset Value

Understanding how your leased real estate performs for your business can create opportunities to add value. helps you treat your lease as an asset, revealing surprising outcomes.

Managing Critical Path

A lease has built-in events that can affect your business. supports you through these events, maximizing outcomes and preventing erosion of value and profits.


Whether expanding or opening new outlets, takes the pain out of research, site sourcing, and negotiations. We create a plan for your growth, handling all negotiations and ensuring your needs are met.

Strategic Lease Management

With decades of retail property knowledge, establishes KPIs and critical path management to add value to your lease portfolio. Whether you have one site or a hundred, we deliver results, freeing you to run your business.

Disputes excels in resolving disputes between retailers and landlords without damaging future relationships. We remove the emotion from issues and achieve resolutions, but we can be assertive if necessary.

Workshops & Seminars

For decades, has supported Retailers with educational resources, including webinars, workshops, training sessions, and conference keynotes, tailored to your association, brand, or franchise.

Your LeaseAnchor Or Asset?

Effective retail business success depends on managing both lease terms and real estate performance to uphold your lease as a crucial asset for present and future value.

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Our Benefits to Retailers

Save money, save time – Save your business!

Reduce Occupancy Costs – Rent Too High

Understanding your occupancy cost ratio is crucial.’s FREE Lease Simulator provides a report to help you start assessing your rent.

Free Up Time - Keep Focused On Retailing
Running a retail business is demanding. provides timely action checklists to help manage major lease events, allowing you to stay focused on retailing.
Improve Cashflow & Profitability
Managing occupancy costs throughout the lease term directly impacts profitability. offers tools and skills to continually manage rents and security, enhancing cash flow and profits.
Leverage Time – Put Time On Your Side
The best lease outcomes are achieved by addressing lease events early.’s FREE Lease Simulator highlights when to start, ensuring timely and effective management.
Protect Your Asset (Business Value)
Leasing time rather than space requires planning for future lease tenure, adding security and value to your retail business.
Stay Up To Date – Leasing Is Evolving has been at the forefront of Retail Lease Legislation reform for over 20 years, driving positive change for Retailers across Australia. Join our Facebook group “ Live” to stay informed and share your experiences.

How Much Did You Leave On The Negotiation Table?

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What Our Clients Say

“Over the past few years I have had many questions and concerns I needed resolved to manage my lease effectively. As such I have called on Phil and his team to provide advice needed to make the correct decisions in managing my lease appropriately. I have found Phil and his team excellent in terms of their responsiveness and their advice. Even today I maintain good relations with all my landlords and this is facilitated by Lease 1’s ability to give me the information I need to act appropriately. I would recommend Phil and his team to anyone needing lease advice.”

The Party People 

“Phillip has done the impossible twice for us at Hogs Carindale. Last year, we got 60k in cash back from Westfield. Again this year, 35k before the C-word entered our lives. Phil’s ability to help a franchise get a better result from their lease is first class and could help other Franchisees in Hogs.”

Mark James
CEO of GJI Group Pty Ltd

“Lease1 is the best in the business. Phil and his team are practical experts who deliver results that make a difference, and sometimes that difference means ongoing viability. 10 star rating from me.”

Michael Newton-Brown
CEO of Leisures

“Phil made it easier to understand the complexities of rent relief at a very stressful time, and he gave me the confidence to argue a case with my landlord.”

Margaret Pead
Stepping Out Boutique

Our Three Steps Process

Save money, save time – Save your business!

Assesss Your Needs

Schedule a FREE strategy session with Lease1, where you’ll receive guidance and resources to understand your options and begin the process.

Choose Your Approach

Decide whether you want to handle the lease negotiation independently with assistance from Lease1’s Online Lease Coaching Program – Lease  Conceirge or opt for Lease1 to manage your lease event and conduct negotiations on your behalf.

Take Action
Implementing your chosen approach and proceeding with the necessary steps to ensure a successful lease negotiation process.