ABS Monthly Retail Sales Results

Each month, the ABS publishes the latest retail sales results. Click here to view!

The ABS Publishes The Latest Consumer Price Index Quarterly

Each quarter, the ABS publishes the CPI. Lease1 makes this available to you within hours of the release. Click here to view!

Leasing Tips

Leasing Tip# 1 - Research Is Mandatory

Leasing Tip# 2 - Leverage Time

Leasing Tip# 3 - Benchmarking

Leasing Tip# 4 - Know Your Lessor (Landlord)

Leasing Tip# 5 - Knowing Your Shopping Centre

Leasing Tip# 6 - Know Your Capital Cost

Leasing Tip# 7 - Lease Term To Exceed Amortisation

Leasing Tip# 8 - Make & File Notes From Meeting

Leasing Tip# 9 - Create Relationships

Leasing Tip# 10 - Get Advice

Paying Too Much Rent?

Does Your Lease Have An Option?